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Sophrology is a way to restore your body and mind full potentials at any time of your life.


How can Sophrology help you

What is Sophrology

Sophrology is a European non-intrusive practice based on breathing, relaxation, positive visualization, body and mind awareness.

It is a blend of oriental and western philosophies such as yoga, zen, meditation, hypnosis and mindfulness.

The practice brings better harmony and balance into consciousness, and generates a very deep transformation. 

Its goal is to improve quality of life and sense of well-being.

Anyone can practice Sophrology. It benefits either adults or kids, seniors or teenagers.

Sophrology is not a substitute for medical treatment. Any decision to stop or alter medication should always be discussed with your family practitioner.


> Reduces stress and anxiety

> Restores sleep and energy

> Increases focus

> Improves self-confidence

> Stops addictions  (food, cigarettes...)

> Manages pain

> Faces new situation, professional or family issues, disease, mourning, divorce, depression...  

> Manage events : 

Exams - Interviews - Public speaking -Surgery - Birth and parenting - Art performances - Sport competitions


Sophrology is conducted either on a one-on-one basis or in group sessions. 

The sophrologist vocally guides you through the exercises either seating or standing. A session lasts 40 mn to 60 mn. 

The guidance conducts your mind and body into a deep relaxation state, harmonising your breath, with gentle movements and mind focus.

You immediately feel a better harmony, physically and mentally.

One practice differs from another since it is tailored to your specific needs.

After your session, you are calmer, relaxed, happy and ready to take on anything.

About your Coach

Marie Quenehen is married, mom of 3, born and raised near Paris, France.

She is a certified Sophrologist from Academie de Sophrologie de Paris, specializing in stress management and self-development.

She first discovered the power of meaningful breathing while taking acting classes 20 years ago. It brought her the confidence and focus she needed to act on stage.

Then she was introduced to formal Sophrology when her first child was born. It helped her to remain calm and stress-free. 

In 2013, after years of informal practice, she finally realized she wanted to bring harmony and deep sense of well-being to others and decided to become a Sophrologist.

She trained for 2 years with Dr Patrick-Andre Chene in Paris and received an official certification.

She, first, offered sessions in Paris, and now, in Nashville, where she has lived with her family since 2015.

Besides Sophrology, she is deeply passionate about literature, and could talk with you all evening long about drama theatre and poetry.


Marie'soothing voice guided me through an inner well-being. I wondered about happiness in my life. This session opened my mind to my strengths and capacities. At least, I felt that I needed to make my loved ones happier - Sophie Q, Franklin

I practiced Sophrology with Marie when I was pregnant with my second child in 2016. I felt that I needed to be prepared for this birth. Marie helped me forget about all the fears that I had experienced with the birth of my first child (emergency C-section). She helped me gain confidence and she prepared me for the natural birth that I wanted so much. I felt that I was more relaxed the day of the delivery. Marie is very professional and her voice is very relaxing. I highly recommend working with Marie throughout your pregnancy and in preparation for the birth. She is an amazing person on top of being an amazing Sophrology practitioner - Arielle L., mother of Nathan, 3 and Norah, 1, Franklin

Marie's voice brings me inner peace and calm. After each session, I feel relaxed and clearheaded. This experience made me realize how important it is to step back, slow down and listen to our body in our busy lives. It gives me better focus and helps me concentrate on what truly matters in my life - Veronique C, Brentwood


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