Group sessions

Group practice is based on :

  • Breathing exercises
  • Body and mind relaxation
  • Specific body awareness movements
  • Positive visualization exercises
  • Self-Consciousness experience
  • Sharing of experience

Regular Sophrology practice participates in an easy going life and complete happiness. 

It is time to take time for you !

One-on-one sessions

A session involves :

  • An initial conversation about your concerns and goals
  • A Guided practice tailored to your specific needs, based on simple and easy exercises (Breathe, Body scan and tension release, positive visualization...)
  • Short dialogue and experience sharing

The results of a practice have immediate benefits.

Practice at home is recommended.

The more you practice, 

The better you feel !

Birth sessions

You are about to give birth or trying to conceive.

This time of your life is full of joy and hope, but also stressful and challenging.

Your body and your mind experience changes and transformations.

You need to remain calm and relaxed. You have to reduce your stress level to promote an optimal environment for conception, or for your growing baby.

Sophrology helps you to enjoy your pregnancy and to live each step with serenity.

You'll be empowered to deal with pressure coming from 

work and family.

You will feel strongly connected to your body and start 

bonding with your baby.

Through your IVF treatment you will be empowered to deal with stress, to feel positive, and to build resilience.

You will feel confident about your delivery. 

Let's help you to become the mother you want to be !