Introduction to Sophrology

Etymology of Sophrology

The name Sophrology was given by its founder, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, coming from ancient Greek.

SOS (Peace, Harmony, Serenity)

PHREN (Mind, Consciousness, Brain)

LOGOS (Speech, Science, Study)

Sophrology though is the science (or study) of the consciousness in harmony.

Professor Alfonso Caycedo : Founder of Sophrology

Pr Alfonso Caycedo, Columbian (1932-2017), living in Europe, was a doctor of medicine, and a surgeon specialized in neurology and psychiatry. He created Sophrology (techniques, theories and concepts) in 1960. Through his scientific research into the consciousness, he dedicated his life to develop this method for 40 years. He studied all oriental traditions, and western techniques. Then he combined all of them to offer a simple and structured method, the Caycedian Sophrology, that can be easily adapted to everybody.

Sophrology is practiced both in medicine and in social prophylaxis.

Fields of application

Sophrology is expanded throughout Europe, and begins to grow overseas, and its practice is used in a large range of fields.

Integrative Medicine (Clinics,Hospitals, Health Centers), Education (Schools, Childcare Centers,Colleges), Sport and competition (Olympics, National, International), Art (Stage performances, creativity), and business (Public, private companies).

The Method

Technics are short, clear and real.

A lot of helpful tools are used in Sophrology, like breathing, relaxation, focus, meditation, visualization, senses perception, imagination...

Goals are to get immediate and specific answers.

In opposition to Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Sophrology is a short term therapy.